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  • Maldives  Liveaboard January 7 - 16 2025

Maldives Liveaboard January 7 - 16 2025

Experience the magic of scuba diving in the Maldives aboard the Manthiri Liveaboard. Dive into crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life, from colorful reefs to majestic manta rays. With experienced dive professionals and luxurious accommodations, it's an unforgettable adventure tailored to all levels of divers. Relax between dives on the sun deck and savor delicious meals crafted from fresh local ingredients. Discover the beauty of the Maldives beneath the waves with Manthiri Liveaboard.

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A beautiful garland-shaped chain of 26 atolls, spanning 750 kilometers across the Indian Ocean southwest of India, creates a remarkably diverse ecosystem. This unique environment attracts a rich variety of marine life. The verdant islands, encircled by coral, are home to a plethora of species ranging from vibrant corals to large pelagic creatures. What's truly astounding isn't just the diversity and drama of the species, but also their sheer abundance. Encounters with thousands of friendly fish, from the smallest to the largest, are common occurrences at the various dive sites.

With water temperatures hovering around a pleasant 83º F to 85º F (28ºC to 29ºC) year-round, diving in the Maldives is always a delight. The Maldives experiences two distinct seasons thanks to sea breezes. From May to October, southwest winds bring sunny days occasionally interrupted by refreshing rainfall and gusts. December to April sees northeast winds ushering in drier months with clear, bright skies once initial gusts settle. Visibility remains equally spectacular throughout the year, often exceeding 100 feet, depending on currents and sea conditions.



Package Includes

  • 9 Nights aboard the Manthiri Liveaboard
  • 3-4 dives per day (First and last day 2 dives per day)
  • Meals, bottled water, juices, coffee, and tea (Alcoholic and soft drinks are for sale.)  
  • Tanks & Weights
  • 16% food/service tax
  • $6 per night government green tax
  • Airport Transfers in Male

Package Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Nitrox
  • Dive Crew Gratuity (Typically 10% of trip cost)
  • Soda, Beer, wine, Hard Liquor
  • Fuel Surcharge $175  paid directly on boat at the end of the trip.
  • Trip & Dive Insurance (Highly Recommended!)
  • Completed Medical Statement saying you are fit to dive (no cost but must complete)

Payments Accepted aboard the Manthiri -  Cash, Mastercard, Visa, (no American Express)


  • $5500 /pp Cash, Check, or Credit accepted 
  • If you would like a single room then the price is double. 

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit $1000
  • 2nd Payment: $1500 Due July 1st, 2024
  • 3rd Payment: $1500 Due Septmeber 1st, 2024
  • Final Balance $1500 Due November 1st, 2024

    Refund/Cancelation Policy: Please know all travel payments are non refundable unless your spot is sold. If spot is filled, a 7% fee will be deducted from your refund. 

The Manthiri is an elegant 85-foot liveaboard crafted from fine tropical timber, specifically designed for dive cruises. Its sturdy construction and spacious layout, boasting a wide beam of 25 feet, ensure a stable hull and comfortable cabins. Each cruise accommodates a maximum of twelve guests, attended to by an attentive eleven-person crew dedicated to fulfilling every need. A separate dive tender, known as a dhoni, is equipped with compressors, Nitrox systems, and dive gear, effectively expanding the vessel's space to that of a 106-foot liveaboard. This setup includes six cabins and a dedicated dive deck, enhancing the sense of spaciousness aboard the Manthiri. Renowned for its meticulous upkeep and operated by a stellar crew for over twenty years, the Manthiri is widely acclaimed as one of the premiere liveaboards worldwide.

The boat is meticulously designed to offer both an optimal dive experience and maximum comfort. Its wide beam significantly reduces rocking motion, while the limit of twelve guests ensures spacious cabins. Accommodation options include four generous twin cabins and two doubles featuring roomy queen-size beds.

All cabins boast en suite facilities, including hot-water showers, hair dryers, individually controlled air-conditioning, and minibars. Dive gear can be conveniently stored in each cabin, with ample space provided. Additionally, clothing and luggage can be easily stowed away in lockers and drawers.

The Manthiri features a teak-paneled salon, one of the largest among vessels of its size. Furnished with plush sofas, a music system, TV, and DVD player, it's the perfect place to unwind. The camera salon is equipped with a well-lit workstation, a computer for instant photo downloads, and a slide projector, catering to the needs of underwater photographers.

On the top deck, guests can enjoy the sea breeze in comfort, with deck chairs strategically placed for sunbathing or seeking shade. Whether soaking up the sun with a refreshing drink or admiring the stars at night, the top deck provides an ideal spot for relaxation.


  • • Private cabins with en suite bathrooms
  • Daily cabin service
  • Individually controlled air-conditioning in all cabins
  • Daily fresh towels in cabins
  • Hot freshwater showers
  • Hairdryers and toiletries in all cabins
  • Electricity: British Standard 230VAC outlets requiring rectangular blade plug type G and
    American Standard 110VAC outlets requiring flat blade plug type A & B
  • Laptop computer for digital photographers
  • Camera tables
  • Freshwater camera rinse tanks
  • Air-conditioning in all indoor areas
  • Audio and video entertainment centre
  • Delicious dining and snacks
  • Icemaker and coffee maker
  • Warm towels after each dive
  • Dive-deck and camera assistance
  • Open air sundeck with shaded area
  • Twelve passengers/eleven crew
  • Up to four dives per day
  • Nitrox system for increased dive safety
  • Two support vessels: 54-foot dive dhoni and 17-foot fiberglass tender
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable dive crew

The dining experience aboard the Manthiri is as enticing and refined as the diving adventures. Expert chefs Bodey and Hema, trained at a prestigious Maldivian resort, blend contemporary flavors of the Maldives with a sophisticated twist of East and West. With a decade of experience aboard the Manthiri, they excel in pampering divers with exquisite seafood, aromatic local specialties, and global cuisine tailored to suit diverse palates.

Guests are treated to an array of fresh fruits and vegetables prepared with delectable finesse. The chefs kickstart each day with a pre-dive mini breakfast and serve a full breakfast after dives. Snacks are readily available between dives, ensuring no one goes hungry. Moreover, special occasions like birthdays are celebrated with homemade cakes. Rest assured, dining aboard the Manthiri promises to be a delight for the taste buds.

Please ensure your airfare is booked for departure from Chicago on January 5th, 2025, two days before our arrival in Male. Travel time adjustments necessitate this schedule. We suggest Qatar or Emirates airlines. As the trip approaches, we'll provide specific flight recommendations.

*Make sure you have a minimum of 6 months left on your passport before the expiration date. 


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