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Before You Travel 


Before leaving for your exciting vacation with Stillwater Diving, please consider the following:


Divers Alert Network (DAN): provides scuba diving medical insurance for divers incase an incident occurs. Many normal health insurance pans do not cover diving related incidents, which can be quite expensive. In the unlikely event that an incident occurs, DAN provides an abundance of assistance and benefits for members. We strongly recommend purchasing the package of your choice for all who are diving. DAN also provides travel insurance so please check it out and make sure you are covered for those unforeseen circumstances above and below the water.  



 Dive Insurance: DAN’s insurance plans offer divers an affordable way to protect themselves against unpredictable expenses associated with diving accidents and dive travel. When you sign up for DAN membership, you become eligible for a variety of insurance products tailored to meet your individual needs.


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Travel Insurance : With an option available for one trip or many, DAN ’s travel insurance programs feature good rates, great coverage, an optional cancel-for-any-reason provision and coverage for preexisting medical conditions.

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For any travel outside the United States of America make sure you have a valid passport.  If you do not have a passport please make sure to apply for your passport with plenty of time before your trip.  

Make sure you have at least six months before your passport expires (based on the date you will be returning to the USA) as most countries require this for entry.