Summer Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am-7pm Saturday - Sunday 12pm-5pm


Why Learn With Us? 


We strive to keep instructor to student ratios low. This is so each customer gets the proper time and instruction necessary to become a confident scuba diver. This means our standards are higher than what is allowed by training agencies.

Our training facilities (pool, and lakes for Open Water) are all within minutes of our shop. A distinct benefit of being located in Lake Country.

We do not charge any more for children’s certifications than we do for any other age group certification. All of our instructors love working with kids and passing on scuba to the next generation.

We understand everyone learns and becomes comfortable with scuba at different paces. For this reason if people need to come back and practice more in the pool before their training dives, we encourage them to! At no extra charge.

Our goal as scuba instructors is your satisfaction, and creating safe life long scuba divers.