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Customer  Testimonials

" I was Open Water Diver certified 20 years ago, but hadn't done much SCUBA since. While on vacation, my son tried the PADI Bubblemaker and loved it, so we decided to take the PADI OWD course (Junior OWD for him) after he turned 10. We were hoping to find a dive shop that both was relatively close to where we live, but more importantly, somewhere that would be willing to go over everything in enough detail and explain everything for a 10 year old to understand and retain. Stillwater Diving did just that - our OWD course was 4 adults (myself included) and my 10 year old. The instructors were all great, and able to easily accommodate multiple learning styles and abilities, while at the same time ensuring that safe diving practice was stressed. In addition, prices on gear are very comparable to online vendor prices, but with the huge added convince of having someone local to show us how to use our new toys.

In summary, Stillwater Diving is a great shop, has great prices on equipment, and instructors that can't be beat!"


Adam S


"I took my son here for underwater and advanced this summer.

Steph worked with me on the gear and Jim did our training.

Very happy with both the gear recommendations and the training to dive safely. Certainly recommend Stillwater for friendly service and thorough training."


Steve F.


Awesome instructors and extremely knowledgeable staff.  When i was new to diving Steph spent 2 hours with me talking about gear and what would be best for me. I've also taken several classes and have found ALL the instructors extremely knowledgeable and patient. Don't waste your time anywhere else!


Angie P.


Great selection and great knowledge on diving both fresh and saltwater. Prices are right inline with everywhere else you could go. They also offer diving trips.


Troy A.


Easy to work with and friendly. These guys make it easy for us to keep diving year round.

Support your local dive shop.


Pete F.


The training Stephanie and Jim provided, along with the patience they demonstrated, allowed me to fulfill a lifelong dream of diving in the ocean!  In addition, as an added benefit, learning to dive has taught me to how to cope with my claustrophobia, both in and out of the water.  So, if you have ever wanted to learn to dive, do not let fear stand in your way, let the professionals at Stillwater Diving show you a completely new world - you will be so glad you did!   


Rochelle D.



“I elected to sign up for a private Certified PADI Scuba course with the team at Stillwater Diving. The owners were incredibly accommodating to my schedule and extremely knowledgeable which made the entire experience effortless and incredibly rewarding. Looking forward to booking more advanced classes with the Stillwater team as I continue on my diving journey.”


Micheal T.



“Thank you to the great instructors at Stillwater Diving for their care and hands-on teaching, it’s the best way to learn when you have instructors who take the time to give you that one-on-one attention and feedback. I can say with confidence that every diver I’ve encountered who has been certified by Stephanie Puttre and Jim Cosgrove are divers who I trust and who I would be confident to dive with. Learning life-saving skills, emergency response and in-water diver/drowning rescue is a critical skill for any diver to learn. So glad I did this.”


Amanda L.



“Such a great experience! We would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to try it out before signing up for the full scuba class! Our instructor was clear, concise and enthusiastic!”


Holly T



“I just returned from doing 18 dives in Belize with all new ScubaPro gear from Stillwater Diving. Before the trip, Stillwater took a lot of time with me to answer all questions and give me the confidence that purchasing the package was the right decision. The equipment made the diving super easy and safe. Great customer service and friendly folks.”


Rich W.



“Knowledgeable instructors, awesome staff, and a great place to stop in and feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself, and one of the family.  It is especially nice stop in and escape winter for a little bit. It's always Sunny and 70 at Stillwater diving!”



Andrew L.


“Just had the greatest initiation to open water diving this weekend! Spent Friday night in the classroom, followed by Saturday/Sunday diving classes in the pool.  I can not say enough about our instructor, the owners of the shop and how professional and methodical the complete course was thus far.  My family (5 of us, 3 teenagers along with Mom/Dad) learned so much and looking forward to completing our course once the Wisconsin weather opens the lakes from ice for our open water dives. If you ever thought about getting certified or learning more about what goes on underwater....Stillwater Diving is the only place you need to look!  HIGHLY recommend them and the process/courses they offer.  Thank you Stillwater Diving team, and looking forward to completing our certification and exploring the adventures that await us underwater.”


 Steve N.



“Stephanie and Jim are amazing.  I would recommend their scuba certification classes to anyone, young or adult.  I just took lessons last month.  I was a little apprehensive but Jim made class fun and very comfortable.  We had 3 10YO boys in our class and even they were attentive.  Jim is patient and has a kind way.  He allows you to progress at your comfort level but keeps you motivated to try and never makes you feel less than awesome.  Thank you for such a great experience!!!”


Morgan L.


“Knowledgable people, great instructors and always a sense of confidence after equipment serviced.”


Marge W.


“Stephanie and Jim were instrumental in me obtaining my first Certifications.  Lots of experience between these two.”


Ken E.