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Here at Stillwater Diving we are passionate about scuba diving and our local community. We are fortunate to be located in an area surrounded by lakes which we love to dive in and keep clean. 
Please join us in our mission to dive local more often, keep our lakes healthy, and include others in our world of scuba diving! 
This page is dedicated to our local diving and community outreach.

**Check out our Local Fun Dive page to see the dates of our next local dives.**



Janurary 5th 2020 - Nagawicka Lake 


August 29th 2019 - Pine Lake 

August 23rd 2019 - Lower Genesee


August 16th 2019 - Silver Lake

August 15th 2019 - Pine Lake 


August 14th 2019 - Golden Lake


August 7th 2019 - Pine Lake



June 26th 2019 - Silver Lake

Eurasian Water Milfoil weed pull 


June 20th 2019 - Pine Lake 


May 22nd 2019 - Upper Nemahbin


May 11th 2019 - Heros' Discover Scuba Diving

Wisconsin Hero Outdoors DSD for Vetrans Event



April 26th 2019 - Pewaukee Lake 

April 17th 2019 - Okauchee Lake 


April 3rd 2019 - Pewaukee Lake 


Feburary 24th 2019 - Pewaukee Lake 

Ice Diving!!!!