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Terrapin Roller

Terrapin Roller


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AKONA Adventure Gear continues to be the leader in Dive Luggage. The AKONA Terrapin Spinner brings new features not previously found in Dive Luggage. 

For years divers have had two choices in luggage for dive equipment. Soft bags with two wheels many of which are lighter weight and more airline friendly, OR you could choose a hard case which provided added protection but in almost every case the weight of these cases made them cost prohibitive to travel with. 

AKONA has come up with the best of both worlds. A hard shell case made from an ABS/PC blend that is durable, providing tremendous protection while weighing just 2 ounces over 10 lbs.

In addition to the light weight shell the Terrapin brings something else to dive luggage and that is four 360 degree rotating wheels. Almost all dive luggage uses 2 fixed axel wheels. This distributes the weight of the equipment over four wheels lessening the load on each axel. It also makes navigating in the airport dramatically easier.

The size of the bag is ideal for transporting dive equipment, at 14" x 14" x 31" the Terrapin can accommodate any fins sans freediving fins. And carrying an entire set of equipment (cold or warm water) is not a concern.

The only place the Terrapin is not built for is the beach. This is not a bag you would wheel down to the sand. That is not it’s intended purpose.


•Salt water resistant coil zipper
•Hard Outer Shell to Protect Gear
•360 Rotating Axles
•Replaceable wheels
•Volume: 100 Liters
•Exterior Dimensions: 31" X 14" X 14"
•Weight: 10lbs., 2 oz.
•Limited Two Year Warranty

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