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Part Number:07.2207.18 Manufacturer: OCEANIC Color: YEL/BLK Size: N/A

The Arid Snorkels patent-pending top deflector will help keep the barrel dry as a desert, even in waves and wind spray. The clear drop-away lower corrugated section keeps the snorkel out of your way when it isn't in use and reduces mouth strain when you're snorkeling. The oversized purge valve offers an effortless means of clearing your snorkel once you return to the surface and are ready to transition from your regulator to the snorkel.

Do you chew on your snorkel mouthpiece? If you do not to worry, like a regulator the Arid Snorkel comes equipped with a replaceable 100% liquid silicone rubber mouthpiece that is also extremely comfortable for hours of snorkeling fun. The Arid also has a contoured tube design and comes with an adjustable and easy-to-use snorkel keeper for attachment to your dive mask. The Arid Snorkel is available in multiple color choices.


  • Patent-Pending Top Deflector, Keeps Barrel Dry as a Desert
  • Deflector: Keeps out Waves and Wind Spray
  • Clear Drop-Away Lower Corrugated Section, Great for Scuba
  • Lower Section Reduces Mouth Strain when Snorkeling
  • Oversized Purge Valve for Effortless Clearing
  • Replaceable 100% Liquid Silicone Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Contoured Tube Design
  • Adjustable and Easy-to-Use Snorkel Keeper
  • Dry Snorkel Design
  • Available in Multiple Colors

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