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Lights are an essentional tool and beacon for exploration.  No matter what type of diving you do there is a light for you! 


Most common uses for a dive light:

- Photography

- Wreck Diving

- Night Diving and Florescent Night Diving

- Cave Diving

- Deep Diving

- Search and Recovery Diving


Brands we carry:

Light & Motion, SeaLife, and Scubapro


About Light & Motion

Light & Motion designs, manufactures, and sells consumer products that use cutting-edge technology and innovative design to meet both the recognized and unrecognized needs of our customers.

About SeaLife

SeaLife Cameras, Lights and Accessories were established in the early 1990’s to offer an easy and fun way to capture undersea wildlife and underwater memories in an easy, uncomplicated way.

Today, that is still the standard we set for ourselves. SeaLife developed the world’s first commercially available underwater digital camera and is the only imaging and lighting brand that focuses entirely on diving, snorkeling and watersports. This specialized approach assures the highest degree of satisfaction with our extensive base of users. We’re constantly evaluating our products to ensure that our equipment delivers the most consistent results, even in extreme and difficult conditions.

Through our extensive partnerships with dive retailers, conservation and industry associations, we continually seek ways to broaden interest in underwater life and cultivate an appreciation for the undersea environment.


About Scubapro

SCUBAPRO has long been the leader in underwater illumination with our pocket and accessory lights. In addition to being rugged and reliable, they all have true lumen ratings and blowout valves.

SCUBAPRO's deep commitment to protecting the oceans spans more than 50 years. From our environmentally-responsible products, materials and manufacturing techniques to sponsoring the conservation efforts of numerous organizations and our Deep Elite Ambassadors, we work to lead by example and protect the environments we love to explore. SCUBAPRO products help new and experienced divers to discover and experience the amazing undersea world, and we invite them to join us in working to preserve it for future generations.

Sola 2500 S/F FC

Light & Motion

Part# 850-361-A

Sola Dive 2500 S/F Sola Dive 2500 S/F is the most versatile underwater lighting solution available. Besting any ultra-compact dive light with performance and reliability, the hands-free mount can e...

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Sola 1200 S/F

Light & Motion

Part# 850-0144-E

Sola Dive 1200 S/F The most recognized dive light worldwide, the Sola Dive 1200 is flexible and powerful enough to serve as a video light, yet compact enough to dive with its included hand strap. &...

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