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Lake Michigan Charters


Have you ever wondered what lies at the bottom of our Great Lake Michigan? 



Not just any shipwrecks, the best preserved shipwrecks in the world!



Join us on our Lake Michigan charters to explore local shipwrecks and history preserved. Whether it is your first time diving the great lakes or you are a seasoned pro, we would love to have you come explore with us! We send an experienced staff member on every charter. We routinely experience visability in the 40-50' range, and occasionally get treated to viz up to 100'!


Equipment required for charter:

- Regulator with alternate air source suited for cold water (temperature ranges from 39F -60F at depth) 
- Computer or depth guage, pressure guage, and timing device.
- 7mm wetuit, hood, gloves, and boots or Drysuit (temperature varies from 38F-60F)
- 2 tanks
- Weights
- Signal Marker Buoy 

- Wreck Diver Certification (if pentrating wrecks)


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Local Fun Dives 



Join Stillwater Diving as we keep our scuba skills sharp and clean up the local lakes!


The amount of plastic and various other garbage that has made its way to the bottom of our lakes is very sad. We encourage all of our divers to remove as much of this waste as possible to keep our lakes clean and healthy!

NOTE: These dives are meant to keep divers actively diving. If it has been 6 months or more since our last dive check out our Refresher Course to update your skills.