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PADI Open Water Diver


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Your scuba journey begins here with Open Water certification. Class begins with a certified PADI Instructor going over knowledge development with you at our shop. Once you have the knowledge, we apply that knowledge in two safe confined water pool sessions. After you have mastered the skills necessary to scuba diving in confined water, you can schedule your Open Water Training Dives where you get to prove your mastery of these skills in real world conditions. Open Water Training Dives aren't all skills however, we do go for actual dives between the skills, so you get to see wildlife, and experience true scuba diving. Stillwater Diving's friendly and experienced PADI dive professionals will be there with you every step of the way. 

Open Water Diver Course includes: PADI Open Water Crewpack, classroom knowledge development sessions, pool training sessions, 4 open water training dives, and the use of our scuba equipment for the duration of the course. One evening knowledge development, two days pool training, and two days (4 dives) open water training. Pick one date for your pool training, and one for your open water training (open water training dates below).

Course does not include mask, fins, snorkel, or boots. These pieces of equipment fitting properly are critical to your safety and enjoyment while scuba diving. Variation from person to person makes it very difficult to have rental gear that fits perfectly for everyone in a given class. For these reasons we invite you to stop by and ask our professional staff to help you find the best fit for you. 

At Stillwater Diving we understand not everyone learns or masters skills at the same speed. Our Open Water class is set up as a happy medium. If you need more time in the pool, or during Open Water Training dives, you are more than welcome to sign up for another scheduled date at no additional charge. 

If none of these dates work for you, we do offer Private classes, please contact us for availablity and pricing. 


Open Water Training Dives Schedule 2019

May 14-15     (Tues/Wed)                    August 12 & 14       Mon/Wed)

May 18-19     (Sat/Sun)                       August 17-18         (Sat/Sun) 

June 3-4        (Tues/Wed)                    September 10-11   (Tues/Wed) 

June 8-9        (Sat/Sun)                       September 14-15    (Sat/Sun) 

July 2-3         (Tues/Wed)                     October 8-9            (Tues/Wed) 

July 13-14     (Sat/Sun)                        October 12-13        (Sat/Sun) 

July 30-31     (Tues/Wed) 







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